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Introducing Vision Valve

A hydrorobotics system that automates the process of identifying, separating, and reclaiming particles from water

Intelligently sorts limitless variations of target particles within  e-waste streams. 

What Is the Innovation?

Digital sorting vs analog separation

To achieve separation, even the most advanced techniques are still analog and have not changed much in decades.

Conventional separation methods are limited:

Requires filter or membrane (prone to clogging and requires consumables)

Can not sort multiple target particles

Limited functionality

Purpose-built and not expandable

Vision Valve versus conventional methods

Digital sorting  compared to
analog  separation methods

Vision Valve
Filtration Media
Particle separation
Particle separation by characteristics
Programmatic adjustments and adjustments
Multi-functional utility
OTA Performance upgrades
Portable and scalable

Vision Valve's Benefits

Complete system automation - identifying, counting, separating & sorting to reclaim target particles within fluids


Small systems footprint that can easily scale

Cost effective

Low capital expenditure costs and marginal operational expense

Increased Efficiency

Streamlined work and process flow

Fluid Intelligence

Real-Time monitoring of your fluid streams


Precision control of particle separation and sorting

Easily Expandable

Multi-function utility with software updates